Sustainability & ESG

Mission and Vision of Green Millers


  • Raise awareness on the need to become more sustainable and the reciprocated benefits that will be extracted from doing so
  • Transfer knowledge to encourage continuous growth
  • Increase employee satisfaction and improving corporate wellness, we aim to enhance their ability to adapt to the ever-evolving world and its trends
  • Encourage corporations to diversify and change the revenue and business models towards sustainability
  • Encourage the company's ability to create by understanding and utilizing the most innovative solutions and technologies


  • To be pioneering in ESG services in the Middle East and Africa by offering a fully inclusive service to convert entities across industries and sectors to become more sustainable by implementing the most applicable sustainability guidelines and frameworks, leading to additional commercial and financial benefits.

ESG development and impact

Full inclusive service from deep analysis on the organisation’s current situation and identifying best practices, to creating a full strategy and implementing changes throughout the organisation

Monitoring & Evaluation

Provision of efficient monitoring system to monitor & assess ESG performance against predetermined KPIs. Includes impact analysis, and risk management


Utilising key reporting standards and frameworks (e.g. GRI and others) to ensure that each client meets their specific requirements

Fundraising & Green Financing

Providing clients with access documentation and frameworks and prepare the organization to Green finance such as; green bonds, funds, and grants

Energy and other natural resources efficiency and climate change

Gathering and consolidating specific and demanded analytics to measure environmental impact such as; green house gas emissions and energy consumption

Our Experts
Aliaa Younes
Governance & Strategy Consultant
Amgad Sultan
Supply Chain Management & Governance Consultant
Sherif Abdel Baki
Strategy & Green Financing Consultant
Ghada Darwish
Environmental & Energy Consultant
Farah Nessim
Business Development, International Partnerships, Strategy & Marketing Consultant

Our clients


8 Mohammed Hasan Al Gazeiri, Mohammed Mazhar, Zamalek, Giza Governorate 4271162